Student Project

Into the LoRaVerse



  • German

Target Groups

  • Bachelor/Master Angewandte Informatik
  • Bachelor/Master Komedia
  • Bachelor/Master ISE

Elevator Pitch

Welcome to the bleak future, where conventional communication systems have broken down and society is is cut off from the outside world. In this project we invite you to take the challenge and develop the ultimate communication system that will connect us in the post-apocalyptic world: “Into the LoRaVerse”.


Equipped with microcontrollers and the groundbreaking LoRa communication technology, you will develop an off-grid capable communication system that works even in the most adverse conditions - without cell phone network, Internet or power supply. The project revolves around three crucial aspects:

  • Encrypted: security is paramount.Participants will develop encrypted communication protocols to ensure the privacy and integrity of the data integrity of transmitted data. Whether in times of crisis or in everyday life, confidentiality is essential.
  • Networked: no more isolation! The system will enable decentralized communication by by connecting individual nodes to form a far-reaching network.
  • Apocalypse-proof: Off-grid capability is the key. With the help of robust LoRa technology and energy-efficient microcontrollers, participants will develop a communication system operating independently of external power sources.


This project is a unique opportunity for aspiring engineers, developers and technology enthusiasts to demonstrate their skills and create an innovative solution that has the potential to save and improve people’s lives. Be a part of this mission! Join the “LoRaVerse” and shape the future of off-grid Communications! Disciplines:

  • Research and implement the legal basics for radio
  • Design and implementation of hardware
  • Develop communication protocols
  • Encrypt data
  • Incorporate efficient energy sources and storage
  • Optimize communication over long distances
  • Build decentralized networks
  • Understand and integrate LoRa protocol
  • 3D printing and enclosure design
  • Cabling and soldering
  • Software development on the microcontroller
  • Designing a user-friendly interface
  • Requirements for communication systems in crisis situations
  • Effective project management, organizing schedules, tasks and resources
  • Working effectively in teams

The project will present participants with technical and creative challenges. From hardware selection and configuration to software development and implementation of advanced algorithms, participants will fully utilize their computer science, electrical engineering, and cryptography skills.

Kick-Off Meeting

Tuesday, October 2nd, 10-12h in BC319