Student Project




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Target Audience

  • Bachelor/Master Angewandte Informatik
  • Bachelor/Master Komedia
  • Bachelor/Master ISE


In this project, students implement a network based control system for a Roco model railway (Documentation). This requires consideration of both asynchronous network communication as well as (simulated) realistic physical properties and handling to enable smooth operation. An initial goal should be creation of a simple manual control system that is successively improved to be more automated. Initially, only a single engine on a simple track is provided. Over the course of the project, this could be expanded.

Since it is necessary to test the hardware during development and be able to intervene manually in some cases, this project is generally held on site following 3G regulations (vaccinated/recovered/tested).
The kick-off meeting is held online!

Kick-Off Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 5th, 10 - 12h, BigBlueButton