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Automated Attendance Checks

In cooperation with the chair for Software Engineering, we are developing a software system for automated attendance checks at our university. This should enable educators to speed up and simplify attendance checks for, e.g., exams.

We are currently in the planning and development phase of the system. Later it will initially be tested and validated for internal use before it is also made available for other university members.

Since this project pursues the primary goal of simplifying the processes of exams or similar events, a lively exchange with our colleagues is crucial to us. If you have any requests or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are aware that many working groups already have an established system, so we strive to create a suitable solution for all interested parties.


You can reach us via the following contact options for questions or comments:



Malte Josten


  • Project Managment
  • Development
  • Contact person for technical questions